Anatomy of the Human Female


by making two long incisions, 

one parallel to the sternum

and one perpendicular, 

below the breasts. 

Sink the metal deep

deep beyond the skin. 

Worry not

if you puncture a lung. 

The lung, 

like most of the body,

is defective anyhow. 

Take your synthetic rubber fingers, 

powdered with corn starch, 

And peel peel peel away

the weak muscle tissue

should wither away, 

like black crusted daisies, 

with your slightest touch. 

The blood, 

thin as water, 

will dry within minutes 

of exposure to the humming

fluorescent lamps,

ionizing toxic mercury, 

and evaporating iron. 

Remove the following: 

the eleventh cuspid 

the right-hand ovary 

any thoracic marigolds 

the frontal lobe 

a will to live 

salvageable thesis statements (rare) 


the remaining 

empty cavity 

with any chemicals 

of personal preference;



battery acid 

are just a few of your options. 

Burn away 

the stupidity and dirt 

until she is sterile enough 

to your liking. 

When finished

with the wasting mess 

of knotted ligaments 

and mediocre flesh, 

simply discard.

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