Lightning Strike

It begins with an unknowing darkness

As I stand there,

Wiping the sweat off my palms,

Attempting to conceal any nervousness

And disregarding the pack of playful dogs nipping at my sides,

Wearing my tingling flesh away like papier-mâché.

Adrenaline pushes and pulls my chest,

Heaving it up and down like crashing, angry tidal waves

As I shake relentlessly in the icy embrace of ebony.

In a white flash the skin-washing light floods in

And I peer behind the security of a frail wall at a collage of irises

Pulling rope in my brain

Clenching my teeth down on meaningless words

That fly with a simple flutter of voice

And gesturing of delicate fingers.

I dive in suddenly and am enveloped by a manifestation of masked faces and phony feelings

Made all the more real with genuine concern and the raw drive for a victory

Where the enemy and I both brush success

Dancing along the the tips of our noses like tiny stars

A blinding supernova

A collection of breathless moments, and rose-baked cheeks


Dies with a cracking snap, and the final sparks of a match

The lights fade again

And I’m left there

Still savoring the fact that I can’t breathe

Reminiscing that moment when I was this supernatural being

A cosmic hand shaping and painting on the colors of eager eyes

Poking at vulnerable hearts left open in the hopes of being moved by my very hand.

Time is trapped in a snow globe of sorts

And the people that journeyed it all with me drift away

Reverting back to sprinkles in a great sea


But not by me, I promise you never by me

The curtain brushes shut

I am locked out of my temporary home

Until it all begins again in restless sequence

With an unknowing darkness.

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