Something in the Water

Written by: Haven Wells

Prompt: Something beyond the surface, just doesn’t seem quite right. The way it bends, and crests is simply unnatural. Something about the water is quite peculiar, indeed. Is it a creature, lurking down below there? Or is it the water itself, granting special properties to all who come across it? What’s making this body of water act so peculiar?

As the wind blew strong through the little girl’s hair, she watched the waves crash against the jagged rocks. Showing no mercy.

Bit by bit the waves retracted the fallen pieces of sand, only to strike again once more. The ocean was a peculiar, even special place. It just depends on how you see it. It could look like a calm, peaceful place. Or a vast and dangerous death trap. Everyone sees it differently.

For the little girl wearing nothing but small rubber boots and a tattered yellow raincoat, the ocean looked nothing less than home. Why did she see it this way? No one knows but her. Even with the rain pouring on her she still smiled with remembrance. Is it because she possibly feels safe there? Or is it because the ocean has been a huge part of her life in the past? Again. No one knows but her. But we can’t judge her. Everyone feels different about different things, and there is nothing bad about that.

From the sharp, jagged rocks, the sand on the shore packed down over time. The ocean water can go from calm and settled to harsh and vicious. To the small girl, she saw the ocean not only as home, but also as a person. A person with feelings. There’s the feeling of love. The feeling of happiness.

But also the feeling of pain.

She never wanted the ocean to feel the pain she had once felt in the past. The feeling of pain, and sorrow, and of guilt.

Again, we wonder why this small, innocent girl had ever felt these things. But as I said before, and as I say for the las time now, no one knows but her. Is that a reason to call her a weirdo or a freak? No. Everyone has a story, a meaning in life and it just so happened to be that hers is like the ocean. No one can predict what happened in her past without multiple fails, just as no one can predict what happens under the surface of the sea.

It’s a mystery. A mystery one can only understand if one can compare.

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