Submission Rules and Details

Hello beautiful people. 
This is a contest dedicated to you fellow writers, especially the ones looking for a biweekly exercise. Here, you’ll find a compilation of writing prompts to spark those creative vibes. I encourage you greatly to submit any and all amazing work that results from these prompts for the opportunity for you to be featured on this website.

Here’s how it works. Every two weeks, a new prompt will be posted on Sunday, and that’s when the submission period for that prompt opens up. The submission period lasts from Sunday when the prompt is posted until the following Sunday at 12:00am U.S central time. Your beautiful work will then be reviewed and a winner for the prompt will be announced and posted the Friday after the submission period closes. The work will be featured for the following week and remain posted unless the author says otherwise.

Content Regulations: 
1. You can submit any piece of writing of any genre (prose, poetry, short story, fiction, nonfiction, etc.) as long as it is 1,000 words or under. You can submit up to 3 different, unrelated works per prompt, either in the same docx.file or separately.

2. For legal reasons, please do not include any copyrighted characters or material in your work. Please do not plagiarize or steal another person’s work.   

3. If you wish to incorporate other media to elevate your work, please restrain your usage to one photo. Please make sure is photo is non-graphic and appropriate to be featured online. Videos are not accepted within submissions.

4. All submissions must include a cover page with the author’s name and title of the piece. It is also optional to submit a photo of yourself to be posted alongside your work, should you be chosen to be featured.

5. Be wonderfully you! Don’t restrict your creativity. Take a deep breath and see what comes out. The prompt can be interpreted however you please, as literal or figurative as you’d like.

How to Submit: 

There are a couple ways to submit.

  1. Email a docx. file of your work(s) to OR
  2. Submit through the contact form that can be found right here under the Contact page.

If there are any more questions, comments, concerns, or more, please feel free to reach out. I’m so excited to read your extraordinary work. 
Happy Writing!