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photo: Rebecca Racean (2023)

Caroline Wood is the author of the indie novel Nowhere Where the Honeybees Live. She first gained popularity by posting a series of short stories across a number of online platforms, which have amassed over one million reads, likes, and comments collectively. Her style is reflective, intimate, and humorous, focusing on tangible settings, intricate characters, and flowing prose. She has been featured in a number of publications for poetry and digital art.

While writing is currently her main focus, her many interests allow her to be more than just a writer. She dips into a number of mediums: drawing, painting, digital art, graphic design, vocals, music production, ukulele, origami, and ceramics. Just to name a few. She engages with these through social media content, freelance projects, and community campaigns.

Caroline has received her BA in English from Loyola Unversity Chicago. When she’s not creating something, she’s usually somewhere in the woods, looking for deer. She is currently based in Chicago.