Coming-of-age, soft sci-fi, and mystery unite for the adventure of Caroline Wood’s debut novel — a sensory book full of twists, slow burns, and learning to love what’s broken.

Nowhere Where the Honeybees Live Cover

Charlie doesn’t sleep. She makes shadow puppets instead, so she doesn’t dream of honeybees. She has her summer plans set: delivering tomatoes, taking walks with Fynn, and avoiding the room in her house that doesn’t exist. But her plans come crashing down when clues about past mysteries return, and when her older brother, Elliot, goes snooping around the biggest mystery of all – their mom’s disappearance. Scared of losing him, she’ll force herself to follow his pursuit, even when they’re pushed beyond Banks, Oregon and plunge somewhere dark, deep, and buried. Nowhere where there’s sunlight. Nowhere where the honeybees live.

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Nowhere Where the Honeybees Live

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